Life Expectancy: Australia and New Zealand

Photo Credit: Cliff Senkbeil

Life Expectancy: Australia and New Zealand

Life Expectancy

Australian states and New Zealand have very similar life expectancies (with perhaps the exception of the Northern Territory), however the Māori and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have significantly lower life expectancies from birth than the rest of the population. In the extremes Male life expectancy from birth for a NT A&TSI male is 63 years, compared with 80 years for the Australian male average.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics12 and Statistics New Zealand Tatauranga Aotearoa3 have published Life Tables covering populations within Australia and New Zealand. You can explore the data from these Life Tables using the Life Expectancy bar chart above. If you interested in Life Expectancy for a newborn, select Newborn, for the current age, or if you want to see the life expectancy of a 20 year old, select 20 year old.

Recently in the media there has been some discussion about closing the gap, addressing Indigenous disadvantage in Australia.4 Key target areas for improvement include life expectancy, early childhood learning, literacy, numeracy and employment.

Notes: The population groups include:

  • the states of Australia;
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders by State (A&TSI);
  • the Australian total (AUS);
  • The Australian Total for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (AUS A&TSI);
  • New Zealand Total (NS);
  • New Zealand Māori;
  • New Zealand Non-Māori;